Sieć centrów sąsiedzkich w Gdyni

Miejsca rozwoju zainteresowań i realizacji pomysłów mieszkańców

Network of local community centers in Gdynia Places of interest development and realization of residents’ ideas

Przystań Gdynia is a network of local community centers created and run in cooperation with residents. These are places of developing passion, broadening interests, establishing new friendships, tightening bonds and intergenerational integration. Anyone willing can lead classes, take part in meetings organized by neighbors or simply drop by for coffee or tea. We are waiting for you!

The network of local community centers is a shared idea of Gdynia's municipal government, municipal institutions and non-governmental organizations, which since mid-2017 has taken on real shape. This is the time when the first Havens were established – Przystań Lipowa 15 in Wielki Kack, followed by - Śmidowicza 49 in Oksywie, Chylońska 237 in Cisowa and Opata Hackiego 33 in Chylonia. In the next years, opening of Przystań Widna 2A in Witomino is planned.

Przystań are places fueled by the creativity and commitment of the residents - that is why in the neighborhood centers, among others, are organized: sports activities, tailoring, culinary activities, meetings with travelers, neighborhood parents' clubs chats, and even board games or karaoke tournaments. You can also come anytime to just sit and talk.

If you have an idea to organize an event, please contact your Przystań animator. We believe that together we will create something good for the neighborhood area.

What's more, Przystań community activity is also complemented by the public offer of municipal institutions and non-governmental organizations, including Senior Activity Center, Gdynia Sports Center, Municipal Public Library, Institute of Activation of Regions Foundation and Family and Child Support Center "Światłowcy". As a result, each of the Havens develops in a direction that is a response to the interests and needs of the neighborhood.

What unites every Przystań is a friendly atmosphere and a welcoming attitude towards neighborly integration. Everyone is welcome here and we all treat each other with respect. Thanks to this, we are able to create safe places, where everyone can develop at their own pace, in their own way.

Przystań Opata Hackiego 33, Widna 2A and Śmidowicza 49  were designed as part of the support coming from the Gdynia Revitalization Program, financed by European  Union and the budget of the City of Gdynia.